This initial version is about having together the foundation of the project (using Adventure Creator package) combined with the speech recognizer.

On this version, you will control the character and your mission is to get a coffee from the barista. To do so, explore the small scene and interact with him as well as with any other element on the scene that allows you to do that.

Any dialog responses can be triggered by either clicking on them or by saying them out loud for the speech recognizer to work with it.


To access your inventory

  • move cursor to the top and the inventory will appear
  • then click and/or drag the item to the same place where you had the first conversation (it will be highlighted and a different name for the action will appear)
  • character will move towards there and a different interaction will happen (cup will me removed from inventory and you will get a different dialog)

Make sure:

  • your browser and device is set in English
  • you give permissions for the microphone