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Remember in shoot'em up games, at the end of each level, you have a bad-ass boss fight? Shmup-VS is like that, except the boss you are fighting is controlled by another player. 

Notice this is currently a PvP only prototype so you will need to find another player to play the game with at the same time. Join our new Discord server to see if anyone else if up for a game here: https://discord.gg/RF48gqK. (Note: you can only join matches in the same geographical region - which can be selected from a dropdown menu)


  • WASD to move. 
  • Left Mouse Button to shoot primary weapon. 
  • Right Mouse Button to shoot secondary weapon. 
  • Left Shift or Space to use turbo.
  • Hit 1 to use special ability (spawns a tower shooting balls along a wave path)
  • Shooting consumes energy, which is represented by the blue bar above your spaceship. Primary weapon consumes less energy and can be fired more quickly. Secondary weapon consumers more energy and has a longer delay before it can be used again. 
  • Turbo increases your speed. Using turbo also  consumes energy.
  • When you run out of energy, you cannot perform any action that consumes energy (ex. shooting, using turbo). 
  • Energy is gradually recovered when not used
  • Green cube increases a player's health
  • Blue cube increases a player's energy
  • Red cube decreases a player's health (so you want to shoot at this and send it to the opponent)

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Release Notes

Release notes have been moved to dev blog. Find them here


shmup-vs-osx.zip 20 MB
Version 22 Aug 17, 2018
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Version 21 Aug 17, 2018

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